Change or Add a Tote

For Electoral Area residents only. Residents from other areas should contact their municipality for more information.

Order a Different Tote

Standard tote sizes are 240L for the blue recycling tote and 140L for the black garbage tote. This is adequate for most homes (note: 140L is roughly equal to two regular garbage cans). Larger 360L totes are also available.

Standard totes can be exchanged for a larger or smaller sized tote for a $25 fee. Please note that garbage totes larger than the standard 140L size will be subject to an additional annual service fee to ensure that all users pay their fair cost for garbage disposal.

See the form below for more information.


Order A Bear Resistant Tote

The use of bear resistant totes can significantly decrease the chance of a bear accessing the contents of curbside totes. However, given enough time, a determined bear may still be able to access the contents. This is why the best way to protect people, properties and bears is to store totes inside a solid structure (e.g. a garage or a shed) until the morning of curbside collection.

 Bear resistant garbage totes are available for $60, and are available to CVRD electoral area garbage collection customers. Fill in and submit the Tote Exchange Form (see link above) to order. 

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