Community Services Committee



  • Director S. Acton, Chairperson
  • Director K. Marsh, Vice-Chairperson
  • Director L. Iannidinardo
  • Director K. Kuhn
  • Director T. McGonigle
  • Director I. Morrison
  • Director A. Nicholson
  • Director B. Salmon
  • Director A. Siebring
  • Director L. Smith
  • Director M. Staples
  • Director A. Stone
  • Director D. Toporowski
  • Director M. Wilson

Terms of Reference:

General matters and topics/issues related to services of a sub-regional or regional/electoral nature including recreation facilities, transit and public safety.

Specific matters that the committee shall, from time to time consider include:

  • Recreation Facilities and Community Centres
  • Arts and Culture
  • Sport Tourism
  • Transit
  • 911/Public Safety
  • Fire Protection