Parking Lot Upgrades

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South Cowichan Recreation has been in the process of designing plans to improve the parking lots at both Kerry Park Recreation Centre (KPRC) and Shawnigan Lake Community Centre (SLCC).

A Request for Proposals (RFP) was posted April 22, 2020 to allow work to move forward through the summer months. After an extensive review process, the Contract was awarded to a local firm, David Stalker Excavating Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need to perform Parking Lot Upgrades at Kerry Park Recreation Centre?
The KPRC parking lot is original to the facility, which opened its doors in 1975.  The parking lot has considerable defects in regards to untreated water run off into the nearby creek, crumbling asphalt, and potholes which are too significant to continue just repairing. The design of the new upgrades will address environmental concerns, safety improvements, replacement/installation of retaining walls, and improve traffic flow for cars and pedestrians. 

How much are the Parking Lot Upgrades costing?
The CVRD Board has approved a budget of $1.58 Million.  The funding is made up of $1 Million in Gas Tax Funding and $588,483 in Short Term Borrowing, to be paid back over 5 years. 

Why did you need to cut down trees?
Cutting down trees is always a last resort when planning a project in the CVRD.  We are very fortunate to have our facilities located in a beautiful, natural setting.  Kerry Park’s current parking lot design is from the 1970s, a time when pedestrian safety and accessible parking was not a priority.  Currently, anyone who requires an accessible spot has to park on either side of the building, which is a fair travel distance from the facility entrance.  In order to accommodate accessible spots and improved safety concerns, the front parking area must be bumped out to allow for wider access; resulting in the removal of some trees in the front.  The CVRD Parks & Trails Tree Management Policy was followed and a Bird Nesting Survey was done to ensure no active nests were harmed during the tree removal process. Fortunately, we were able to leave some of the existing trees and will be adding new plants, trees and rain gardens to the overall landscaping.

When will the work be finished?
Work is currently underway and the project is anticipated to be completed by the first week of August.

What improvements are included in the finished product?
A number of new features have been included in the design of our upgraded parking lot, including:

  • Change in directional flow – the traffic flow at the front of the building will now be going in the opposite direction. This allows for cars to enter from Wilkinson Road and if the spaces at the front are full, they’ll proceed to the larger lot versus having to go back onto the road and drive around.
  • Driveway will be widened in the front of the facility to allow for safer thoroughfare.
  • Front stalls will now be angle parking versus parallel parking, increasing the available spaces.
  • Addition of accessible stalls at the front, close to the ramp for easier access.
  • Rain gardens and catch basins to ensure run-off water is treated and not entering the creek.
  • Improved landscaping including trees and native species plantings.
  • Rough-ins for future expansion of electric charge stations.
  • New retaining wall and stairs to meet today’s building code.
  • Improved pedestrian zones including sidewalks and crosswalks.
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