Parking Lot Upgrades

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South Cowichan Recreation has been in the process of designing plans to improve the parking lots at both Kerry Park Recreation Centre (KPRC) and Shawnigan Lake Community Centre (SLCC).

A Request for Proposals (RFP) was posted April 22, 2020 to allow work to move forward through the summer months. After an extensive review process, the Contract was awarded to a local firm, David Stalker Excavating Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you need to perform Parking Lot Upgrades at Shawnigan Lake Community Centre?
When the facility was first built in 1993, the budget was very tight for driveway and parking lot completion.  Reductions in many areas needed to take place to ensure the project did not go over budget.  This resulted in some very tight spaces, narrow driveway, and one-way entry into the side and overflow lot, which has become increasingly problematic. Over the years, the community has grown and the centre is well-used by our community. Improvements will address the narrow driveway, the lack of parking spaces, environmental concerns with water run-off, current traffic flow issues, and overall pedestrian safety at the facility.  

How much are the Parking Lot Upgrades costing?
The CVRD Board has approved a budget of $468,325.  The funding is made up of $175,000 in Gas Tax Funding, $120,000 in Capital Reserve Funds, and $173,325 in Short Term Borrowing, to be paid back over 5 years. 

Why did you need to cut down trees?
Cutting down trees is always a last resort when planning a project in the CVRD.  We are very fortunate to have our facilities located in a beautiful, natural setting.  When the Community Centre was first built, the designated parking area was very small and did not allow for the usage the facility currently has.  The CVRD also purchased the Elsie Miles School site in 2007 and the SLCC Commission felt it was important to open up the area between the two sites to create a pedestrian-friendly, car free zone that allows for improved trail connectivity and overall pedestrian safety.  The back overflow lot has become overgrown and unusable over the years.  In order to address all of these concerns, trees needed to be removed along the driveway, upper area between the two buildings, and in the overflow lot.  Some of the trees will be reused as natural barriers in the overflow lot.  The CVRD Parks & Trails Tree Management Policy was followed and a Bird Nesting Survey was done to ensure no active nests were harmed during the tree removal process.

When will the work be finished?
Work is currently underway and the project is anticipated to be completed by mid-August.

What improvements are included in the finished product?
A number of new features have been included in the design of our upgraded parking lot, including:

  • New pedestrian-only zone at front entrance to playground and into the entrance of Elsie Miles Park.  Following the parking lot upgrades, new improvements will be added including paths and social areas for you to enjoy the park area.
  • Driveway and stalls at the top of driveway will be widened to ensure cars are no longer hanging into driveway and improved safety for site lines.
  • Speed hump added to slow the traffic coming up the driveway to improve safety.
  • Oil/water separator added to catch run-off waters and treat prior to exiting back into the ground.
  • Paved side lot that will be widened to allow for two-way traffic and marked stalls to increase parking.
  • Upgrades to back overflow lot to make it usable again, allowing for additional parking when the centre is busy with numerous programs, community meetings, and larger events.  Upgrades include a small retaining wall to allow for two-way traffic, regraded gravel lot with trees used as natural barriers along the outskirt of the lot, and native species plantings added to keep the lot in a natural state that fits with the park setting.
  • Increase accessible stalls to meet the needs of our community.
  • Relocating electric charge stations for easier access and adding rough-ins for future expansion.
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