Draft Bylaws Under Development

Schedule B - Local Area Plans

Schedule C - Development Permit Areas

Schedule D - Agricultural Land Maps

Schedule E - Fire Protection Maps

Schedule F - Future Land Use Maps

Schedule G - Growth Management Concept Maps

Schedule H - Heritage Designations Maps

Schedule I - Foreshore and Major Creeks Maps

Schedule J - Sand and Gravel Deposits Maps

Schedule L - Land Use Designations Maps

Schedule M - Marine Area Maps

Schedule N - First Nations Maps

Schedule O - Floodplain Mapping

Schedule P - Parks and Trails

Schedule S - Service Areas Maps

Schedule T - Transportation and Major Roads Maps

Schedule U - Development Permit Area Maps

A Bylaw to Authorize the Revision of Official Community Plans and Zoning Bylaws  

(Bylaw No. 4329)

A Bylaw to Amend Electoral Area Zoning Bylaws in Respect of Cannabis Uses 

(Bylaw No. 4349)

A Bylaw to Regulate the Construction and Layout of Manufactured Home Parks

(Bylaw No. 4367)