Why are upgrades needed?
Meade Creek was built in the 1970s to be used as a garbage incinerator. The buildings and infrastructure are old and don't meet modern safety standards, and ash from the old incinerator is still stored in open piles on the site. Using the site as a recycling depot wasn't envisioned in the 1970s, and the site was not designed to manage all of the materials that can be recycled today. Upgrades are needed to replace old infrastructure, close the ash landfill, improve safety, and to provide full drop-off service to residents of the Lake Cowichan area.

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1. Why are upgrades needed?
2. How much will upgrades cost?
3. How will upgrades be paid for?
4. How do I give input on the design?
5. Will the new facility accept more materials?
6. Will the facility hours change?
7. Can I use the depot during upgrades?
8. When does construction start?