How will upgrades be paid for?
The preliminary cost estimate for the project is $4.16M. More than half of this cost will be paid by a federal gas tax grant of $2.56M. Other grant applications have also been submitted. Any costs not covered by grants will be paid for through long-term borrowing from the Municipal Finance Authority, which provides low interest loans to local governments. The costs of the borrowing will be spread over 20 years and will be shared by all residents of the regional district, which helps to keep costs low for everyone.

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1. Why are upgrades needed?
2. How much will upgrades cost?
3. How will upgrades be paid for?
4. How do I give input on the design?
5. Will the new facility accept more materials?
6. Will the facility hours change?
7. Can I use the depot during upgrades?
8. When does construction start?