Cowichan, we have a plan to adapt.

Our Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Implementation Framework focus on activities that the CVRD and Partners will undertake to improve our built infrastructure, enhance our health and emergency preparedness systems, enable green economic growth, and preserve local biodiversity. They are the roadmaps to climate action in our region. 

Right now, we are focused on implementation--completing actions and projects that make real progress towards our climate adaptation goals.

The Strategy will be updated every decade with the Implementation Plan every four years. 

The Strategy 

The CVRD Climate Adaptation Strategy focuses on priority impacts across five thematic areas: 5 themes

Within these five themes are 20 objectives that outline areas for future action, and lists of actions that can be taken.  

Click on each theme below for an example of an objective related to the theme, and an action or activity to support this.

Learn more about the 20 objectives for each thematic area.

Climate Change Adaptation Plan Brochure

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  4. Theme 4
  5. Theme 5

Theme 1: Resilient Grey & Green Infrastructure. 

Actions to improve the climate resiliency of the built environment, including its durability, functionality, and sustainability.

An example of what this looks like:

Objective 1: Consider climate change information in land use planning and design, construction, maintenance of infrastructure in the region. 

Action 1.1: Continue conducting climate risk assessments as part of asset management planning and ensure rigorous data collection and tracking.