Corporate Services

Picture of the front of the CVRD Ingram Street office in Duncan.

The Corporate Services Department is made up of four divisions: finance, human resources, information technology, and legislative services, which provide services internally. The Department is funded by every area in the Regional District, either by tax requisition or allocations.


The Finance Division is responsible for the financial administration of more than 174 services the Cowichan Valley Regional District provides to its residents.  Specifically, the Division is in charge of the budgeting, accounts payable, utilities billing, accounts receivable, financial reporting and financial statements.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Division is a group of passionate professionals who take pride in making a difference in the lives of the people working at the CVRD.

Information Technology

Information Technology provides information technology, telecommunications and GIS support to the Cowichan Valley Regional District.

Legislative Services

The Legislative Services Division administers the activities and manages the business of the Cowichan Valley Regional District Board of Directors and Standing Committees.

It also ensures that the public interests are protected and that it maintains its neutrality in all situations.


Procurement exists to achieve the best overall value for the CVRD, in its acquisition of goods and services in a way that is open, fair, transparent and non-discriminatory. Its purpose is to ensure we meet our obligations under Canada's competitive bidding laws and be in compliance with the various trade agreements.