Community Planning

COVID-19 Service Level Advisory

CVRD staff continue to work on long-range community planning projects that shape the future of our communities. Newly proposed initiatives to support community planning goals will be considered on a case-by-case basis with regard to limited resources.

For the duration of the current public health emergency, all community engagement events and public meetings regarding long-range planning initiatives, are suspended.


The Community Planning Division is responsible for long range land use management for the electoral areas. Land use management is one of the most important functions of local governments in BC, and the official community plan (OCP) is the cornerstone of land use management. Part 14 of the B.C. Local Government Act provides the authority to adopt OCPs by bylaw, and specifies what must and may be included. In regional districts, municipal councils are responsible for adopting OCPs within their own jurisdictions, and regional boards adopt OCPs for rural areas.