Alternative Approval Processes

The Community Charter prescribes two methods by which a local government may seek approval of the electors. These are Assent of the Electors, which is approval by voting, or Alternative Approval Process which allows a Board to proceed with an action unless at least 10% of the electors state their opposition within a prescribed period. If at least 10% of the electors state their opposition to the proposed action, the matter requires the Assent of the Electors if the Board wishes to proceed. The Alternative Approval Process under the Community Charter replaces the Counter Petition Opportunity under the Local Government Act that some may have been familiar with.

"CVRD Bylaw No. 4328 – Saltair Water System Service Loan Authorization (Water Treatment Upgrades - $3,700,000) Bylaw, 2020"

An Alternative Approval Process for the Saltair Water System Service Area, within a portion of Electoral Area G – Saltair/Gulf Islands, has now concluded.

In addition to the documents listed below, further information on the project may be found on this page.

CVRD Bylaw No. 4328
Staff Report
Elector Response Form