Does my House have Asbestos?

Two out of three Cowichan homes were built before 1990 when asbestos was often used in house construction. Asbestos is everywhere in these older homes: in the insulation, walls, ceilings, surface coatings, floorings, ducting, plumbing, wiring, light fixtures and more. Asbestos is commonly mixed with other materials, making it difficult to recognize. All pre-1990 building materials should therefore be considered suspect. Asbestos is commonly found in: loose insulation (e.g. vermiculite), roof gutters (asbestos cement), stucco, soffit boards, light fixtures, acoustic tiles, textured or coated walls and ceilings, siding and under sheeting, pipe insulation, insulation on electrical wires, furnace duct tape, boiler and furnace insulation, vinyl or linoleum flooring, drywall fillers and joint compound, roofing felt, shingles and tiles, etc. Check out this WorkSafe BC poster to see where asbestos could live in your home.

Potential sources of asbestos in the home

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