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Asbestos Sampling The methods used to collect samples are just as important as the methods used to analyze the samples. To ensure that you do not get false-negative results it is vital that the samples are collected properly by a company that is qualified to do so. Asbestos Removal Have all identified (or suspected) asbestos-containing materials removed by a qualified asbestos removal professional. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THESE MATERIALS YOURSELF. The cost of material removal will vary depending on the type of material, the volume of material, the accessibility of material, etc. For example, the removal cost for vermiculite insulation may cost around $10/square foot, stucco ~$8-$10/square foot, plaster flooring ~$8/square foot, drywall ~$5/square foot, and tile flooring~ $4/square foot. How Long Does it Take to Have Asbestos Removed? The time it takes to remove asbestos depends on the type of material, the volume of material, the accessibility of the material, the type of equipment the contractors have access to, etc. Typically, removal of one type of material will take three to five days as the contractor must seal the area off and carry out a number of other preparations both before and after the actual removal of asbestos to keep you and their staff safe. How is Asbestos Disposed of? Asbestos removal professionals have appropriate training and safety equipment that enables them to handle asbestos while avoiding exposure. Asbestos-containing material must be double-bagged in 6-mil polyethylene asbestos bags and properly labelled before they can be taken to an asbestos disposal facility. Be Aware, Unfortunately, there are contractors that will accept jobs that they are not qualified to do, putting their staff and you at significant risk. Qualified contractors will remove and properly dispose of asbestos from your home. Be aware that it is not acceptable or legal for a contractor to leave asbestos at your home for you to deal with.

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