Which bus routes go where?

Route maps are available online and in the Rider's Guide but a brief overview of some major destinations and the transit routes servicing them is included below. This is not an exhaustive list so please contact the information line, 250.746.9899 if you have questions. Please see:

Key Destinations Listing

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1. What transit services are offered in the Cowichan Valley?
2. Where do I get information on bus routes, schedules, maps and fares?
3. How can I pay for my ride? What is UMO?
4. Which bus routes go where?
5. The schedule only lists a few stops, is this all of them?
6. What is On-Request transit?
7. Can I take bikes, toddler bikes and wagons on the bus?
8. Who do I call for lost and found items?
9. What are the costs for riding the bus? Are there any discounts?
10. What is the BC Bus Pass Program?