What’s that smell?
Many crops rely on fertilization and many farmers use the “end” products, pardon the pun, of their livestock. The farmer is recycling and using an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers. It is quite common to see a farmer spraying this fertilizer onto his fields. That many cows….that large barn…only one bathroom. The accumulated liquids become fertilizer and are normally sprayed on fields twice a year. Depending on wind direction, it can disrupt a patio party quite quickly. It may be a good idea to contact your farming neighborhood and see what the schedule is for spraying.

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1. But it’s only 5 am!
2. What’s that noise?
3. What’s that smell?
4. Where is all that smoke coming from?
5. There’s the fence…his property, my property
6. Where does Fido fit in?
7. How long do we have to follow this guy?
8. Farmers have a right to farm.