Where does Fido fit in?
For many people, moving from the city to a rural property means having a family dog. Dogs are great companions and well suited to a rural lifestyle where there is room to romp and play. Dogs are also predators and given the opportunity, may chase and in some cases kill livestock. It is important that you keep your dog in an enclosed area and do not permit your dog to run loose. One loose dog is bad…more than one loose dog constitutes a “pack” and farmers can tell you of instances of mass kills of sheep, chickens and other livestock caused by pack dogs. Dogs can also stress livestock even if there is a fence separating them. Please ensure your dog is kept away from property lines and other areas that may allow the dog to interact with livestock.

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1. But it’s only 5 am!
2. What’s that noise?
3. What’s that smell?
4. Where is all that smoke coming from?
5. There’s the fence…his property, my property
6. Where does Fido fit in?
7. How long do we have to follow this guy?
8. Farmers have a right to farm.