What are the landslide hazards in the Youbou area?

Landslide hazards exist in mountainous areas throughout the world. Wherever there are steep slopes, there is a risk of material falling or sliding down the slopes. Heavy rains can often cause instability as soils become overly saturated. As climate change increases the intensity and frequency of rainstorms in the Cowichan region, the CVRD has been studying what this means to the region’s existing natural hazards including (including flooding and landslides). The steep slopes above Cowichan Lake are prone to landslides, so the CVRD has been investigating these hazards.

There are many types of landslides, varying by the amount of water mixed with the sliding material. In the Youbou area, debris slides, debris flows, and debris floods are all potential hazards. Click here for more information on types of landslides.

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1. What are the landslide hazards in the Youbou area?
2. Why did you do this study?
3. What studies have been done?
4. Why did you do the follow-up studies?
5. Do the studies contradict each other?
6. What does this mean for my property?
7. What is Annual Encounter Probability (AEP)?
8. What if I live in an area identified as hazardous?
9. What was the point of the study if I need to do more work?
10. What is the CVRD doing about the hazard?
11. Will future climate change or human activities such as new developments, roads or forestry activities affect the landslide hazard identified?
12. Will my proposed activities increase the landslide risk below me?