Alternatives to Open Burning


OPEN BURNING BAN is in effect until further notice in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect pollutants have on viral respiratory infections as well as reducing the likelihood of human-caused wildfires. The following activities are prohibited: Category 2 or 3 open fires, Resource Management open fires, the use of fireworks, the use of sky lanterns and the use of burn barrels or burn cages (except when used for a campfire). These prohibitions apply to all public and private land within British Columbia.

There are many alternatives to open burning in the Cowichan Valley. Remember, by not burning your waste, you’re helping to clear the air for your neighbours while also saving valuable resources for reuse. Check out the Cowichan Recyclopedia for details and hundreds more recycling ideas!

Yard Waste, Debris and Stumps

Yard and garden debris can be dropped off for free at any CVRD Recycling Centre and other associated facilities. Yard and garden materials are composted and reused for landscaping, lawns and gardens. Stumps and other landclearing debris can also be dropped off at CVRD Recycling Centres for a fee.

Curbside Collection

Nearly all single-family residential homes as well as some multi-family homes in the Cowichan region receive curbside pick-up of recyclable materials and garbage. Unless you have specifically requested an exemption from your local curbside program, chances are that you’re already paying for the service as part of your annual utility bill. Why not take advantage of the service and recycle your waste?