Water Quality

Protecting our Water Quality

We need clean water for drinking, for fish passage, for our farms, for our businesses and to sustain our environment.  

Urbanization, population growth and land use have become the dominant drivers affecting water quality in much of our region, particularly the east coast.  Major inputs of pollutants are widely distributed in the region. They include urban development, poorly maintained and/or located septic tank systems, logging operations, agriculture and recreation. 

The traditional focus on large facilities is not enough. A planning approach is needed that links land use to water quality.  The approach needs to be supported by science based monitoring and shared stewardship.

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  1. Protecting Surface Water
  2. Protecting Groundwater

What is being done to protect surface water quality

The CVRD has worked with the Ministry of Environment and regional partners to develop an integrated compliance plan which incorporates receiving environment monitoring and assessment into compliance and inspection priorities, planning, shared stewardship and partnerships. The Cowichan, Koksilah, Shawnigan, Mill Bay and Malahat watersheds have been highlighted as a priority area for implementation of the integrated plans and subsequent allocation of resources. Updated water quality monitoring reports are in the process of being finalized.

Water Quality Testing