Utility Services


The Utilities Division is responsible for the management and operation of 15 sewer systems, 19 water systems and select drainage and street-lighting systems.

Financial Structure

Funding for the ongoing operation and maintenance of each utility system is generated exclusively by the customers of that particular system. Funding is not pooled or shared between utility systems; customers of one utility system may not pay for the operation of another.

This can be very challenging as even small utility systems with less than 50 customers must meet all rules, regulations and requirements of a fully functioning sewer or water system operating at municipal standards.

Capital upgrades for each of the utility systems are funded through reserve funds, grants, Federal Gas Tax, or contributions from development.  

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Utilities by Location: base

Utility Review Final Report

An independent utility review and assessment was completed in 2017 on all CVRD operated sewer and water systems. The CVRD worked with INNOVA Strategy Group to review the operation, maintenance and long-term planning of the water and sewer systems. Four key focuses were identified from the review:

Planning for Growth - Create long-range plans that address growth demands, operational efficiency and financial sustainability.

Financial Sustainability - Establish financial security to effectively operate and maintain the utilities and establish financial planning for long-term replacement of the systems.  This may result in rate adjustment for some systems

Governance - Recommend changes to the method of administrating the sewer and water systems to support the goals and objectives of all stakeholders, most importantly our customers!

Communication and Relationships - Improve communications with our customers!

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