Cowichan Valley Trail - Trail Etiquette

Cowichan Valley Trail

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Be safe, courteous & respectful.

The Cowichan Valley Trail is a spectacular multi-use trail that is an integral part of the Trans Canada Trail route on Southern Vancouver Island. The trail provides for easy cycling, walking and horseback riding. As there are a variety of different users on the trail every day, it is important to be aware of one another and share the trail.  The CVRD wishes to promote trail etiquette by raising awareness and encouraging safe use of the Cowichan Valley Trail system.

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Trail User Etiquette

  • Share the trail and show courtesy towards other users
  • Be mindful of your speed (particularly when passing others)
  • Keep right, except to pass
  • When passing, alert other trail users
  • Communicate with signals and eye contact
  • Use caution, particularly around horses
  • Wheels always yield (cyclists yield to pedestrians, and both cyclists and pedestrians yield to horses)
  • Cooperate with others and show mutual respect
  • Show kindness to trail users if mistakes are made
  • Respect the trail environment, vegetation and neighbouring lands
  • Keep pets and animals leashed and under control at all times