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Cowichan Sports Tourism Event Grant Application


    The deadline to submit applications for events taking place between January 1 and June 30, 2024 is October 1, 2023. Please review the grant criteria at If you have any questions, please call 250.510.0649 or email

  2. If approved for a grant, sport event organizers will be asked to demonstrate that they have a Covid-19 safety plan for how they will adhere to: current provincial and regional health safety guidelines; provincial 'Return to Sport' guidelines; sport-specific guidelines and facility and/or venue safety guidelines.
  4. Provide event name(s) and date(s)of events hosted by your organization.
  6. Type of event
  7. Is this a
  8. Level of Competition - where are competitors coming from?
    If the event is a showcase or demonstration, indicate where the participants are from.
  9. Specific origins of all participants will be required in a post-event report.
  10. If there are multiple age ranges, please provide a percentage for each.
  11. Please note: 'out of region' refers to any areas outside of the boundary of the Cowichan Valley Regional District. 'Local' refers to any areas within the boundary of the Cowichan Valley Regional District. If unsure, please consult the link to the Regional map, found in the grant criteria.
  12. Include competitors, staff, coaches, judges, etc.
  13. Spectators include spouses and family travelling with participants.
  14. The CVRD must be recognized as a contributor or sponsor in marketing and promotional materials. Logos and text will be provided.
  16. If yes, indicate the total amount of the bid
  17. Indicate amount, source, if it is funding or in-kind and whether confirmed or requested
  18. Ex: Travel, accommodations, marketing, uniforms, equipment, event fees etc. Expenses must be specific to the event, not your organization's operations.
  19. Note: specific operating expenses will be requested in the final post-event report.
  20. NOTE: Submitting an event budget and/or business plan is recommended. Do NOT include the amount of the grant in your expected revenues. A post-event report, including statistics regarding participants' origins and length of stay, plus some operations/financial info, is also required.
  21. We like to stay in touch with our sports community and share news about funding opportunities, new initiatives, and other relevant information. We send e-newsletters 2-3 times a year.
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