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Cobble Hill Odour Concern Form

  1. Please note that it is very important that concerns are reported as soon as odour is detected so an investigation can be completed right away.

  2. Release of Personal Information
    In order to facilitate the review of odour incidents, this form will become part of the public record and will be shared with the facilities subject to this odour complaint. It may also be shared with other parties, including persons, agencies and governments. Personal information collected in this form will be used for program delivery and / or bylaw enforcement and is consistent with the authority to do so under Section 26 (b), (c), and (e) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, (the Act). By filling out this form you are consenting to the release of your personal information in accordance with Section 26(d)(i) of the Act. If you have questions or concerns regarding the collection or disclosure of your personal information please contact the FOI Coordinator, at 250-746-2503.
  3. Please provide the time and date when you first noticed the odour
  4. Odour Location
    Please provide a street address closest to where the odour was noticed, below:
  5. Is the odour still present?*
  6. Has the odour been...
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  7. Please provide date and time.
  8. Tone and Intensity*
    Check the box that BEST describes the odour.
  9. Odour Source
    I think the odour is coming from the following one or more sources:
  10. Wind Strength
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  11. Weather Conditions
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