Energy Management

The CVRD has targeted a 25% reduction in energy consumption below the 2012 baseline by 2018.

This is equivalent to a 13,279 gigajoule (GJ) reduction in overall energy use which will provide cumulative savings of over $2.27M, and reduce greenhouse gas emission by 28% below 2007 levels. 
CVRD’s 2014-2018 Corporate Strategic Plan includes the following Actions related to Energy Management:
  • Complete a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy,
  • Authorize the 2015 Strategic Energy Management Plan, and
  • Complete a Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Strategy.
The goals of CVRD's Energy Management Program are to:
  • Reduce operating costs,
  • Become more efficient with energy use,
  • Eliminate Waste,
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emission, and
  • Promote a culture of energy conservation
The CVRD has maintained Carbon Neutral operations for 2015.
Carbon Neutral BC Climate Action Community 2014