Office of the CAO

Picture of the front of the CVRD Ingram Street office in Duncan.
The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) oversees the operations of the Regional District, provides guidance and support to the Board of Directors as well as liaises with local First Nations, provincial and federal governments. 

The Office of the CAO provides strategic direction for the organization and manages a number of corporate programs including:
  • Increased First Nation Relations
  • Legal Challenges and Litigation
  • Effectiveness of Organizational Structure
  • External Communications
  • Strategic Planning & Reporting

Strategic Planning

The 2014-2018 CVRD Corporate Strategic Plan outlines Regional and Electoral Strategic Focus Areas, as identified by the Board. This plan sets the direction for staff in development of project and programs. Strategic Focus Areas include Excellence in Regional Land Use Planning, Response to Climate Change, Engaging our Communities, Sound Fiscal Management and Proactive Approach to Bylaw Compliance.

The Annual Report  provides updates on the progress of the Strategic Plan

Community Satisfaction Survey was conducted in September 2016. Key findings of the survey include:
  • the top five issues residents are concerned about are drinking water, traffic and roads, taxation and municipal government spending, education and schools and affordability
  • 93 per cent support the CVRD developing strategies regarding water security planning
  • 91 per cent satisfied with curb-side recycling collection (in electoral areas)
  • 79 per cent satisfied with the CVRD’s parks and trails
  • 78 per cent satisfied with curb-side garbage collection (in electoral areas)
  • 70 per cent prefer the CVRD set aside funds each year to finance large capital projects