Office of the CAO

Picture of the front of the CVRD Ingram Street office in Duncan.
The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) oversees the operations of the Regional District, provides guidance and support to the Board of Directors as well as liaises with local First Nations, provincial and federal governments. 

The Office of the CAO provides strategic direction for the organization and manages a number of corporate programs including:
  • Increased First Nation Relations
  • Legal Challenges and Litigation
  • Effectiveness of Organizational Structure
  • External Communications
  • Strategic Planning & Reporting

Strategic Planning

The 2022-2026 CVRD Corporate Strategic Plan outlines Regional and Electoral Strategic Focus Areas, as identified by the Board. This plan sets the direction for staff in development of project and programs. The strategic objectives are organized within five themes: Our Livelihoods, Our Commitments, Our Infrastructure, Our Communities and Our Environment.

The Annual Report  provides updates on the progress of the Strategic Plan

Community Satisfaction Survey was conducted in November 2019. Key findings of the survey include:

  • the issues residents are most concerned about are homelessness, climate change, cost of living and Cowichan River water levels
  • Almost all residents (94%) rated their overall quality of life as either good (46%) or very good (48%)
  • Satisfaction with parks and trails remained highest of all CVRD services, and was identified regionally as the most important service delivered by the CVRD
  • Among non-municipal residents, land use planning & development services are considered the single most important service offered by the CVRD
  • Of those residents who receive curb-side recycling and garbage collection, eight in ten (82%) are satisfied with the service, a significant increase from 2016 (70%)