GFL Environmental Inc., formerly Coast Environmental Ltd. - Background & Resources

GFL Environmental Inc. (GFL), formerly Coast Environmental Ltd. (Coast), manages three operations on their property; a septage transfer operation, a contaminated soil treatment facility and a composting facility. The CVRD has regulatory jurisdiction over the composting facility, together with the District of North Cowichan (MNC) and the Ministry of Environment (MOE). 

Chemainus Facility Licence Major Amendment - Sep 2013
GFL/Coast applied to add a recycling facility to manage cardboard, paper, drywall, shingles, metal, wood, furniture, glass/ceramics, concrete, construction/demolition waste and residual garbage.  In addition, GFL/Coast applied to amend their compost operation to address workers' safety issues associated with the grinding yard and garden inside the composting building. An Open House was held on Thursday, September 19th, 2:00 - 3:00 pm at the facility at 9401 Trans-Canada Highway.

Chemainus Facility Licence Major Amendment - May 2012 
In the fall of 2011, GFL/Coast applied to expand and upgrade their composting operation in Chemainus. GFL/Coast’s amendment proposal aimed to better manage composting material and reduce compost odours.

Chemainus Facility Licence - Mar 2010 
In 2009, the CVRD receives a facility licence application from GFL/Coast for their composting operation. A waste stream management licence was issued in March 2010.