Mill Bay Village Parks

Mill Bay Nature Park  

Mill Bay Nature Park, located in Mill Bay, has a network of walking trails and beach access. Explore easy walking trails in this 2.92 hectare park then stop for lunch at the picnic area. Go for a swim at the public beach and take in the sights at the viewing platform. For information on how to get there please visit the Mill Bay Nature Park page.  

Mill Bay Nature Park 2017
 Parking lot Beach area Picnicing areas Porta Potty Hiking and walking trails

Mill Bay Historic Church and Cemetery  

You will find this small, quaint historic church and closed cemetery in Mill Bay at the end of Church Way.  For information including the church's history and how to get there please visit the Mill Bay Historic Church and Cemetery page.  

Mill Bay church2015.JPG
Accessible park Parking lot

Mill Bay Boat Launch 

The Mill Bay Boat Launch is located at the end of Handy Road adjacent to the marina and Bridgeman Bistro in Mill Bay. There is parking at the end of Handy Road for approximately four vehicles with trailers. The turn around for a boat trailer is very tight so caution should be taken. Please do not use the adjacent Bridgeman Bistro parking lot. There are benches available along the boardwalk.

Mill Bay boat launch - Handy Road
Boat Launch Boat trailer parking

Mill Bay Community Wharf 

The Mill Bay Community Wharf is located in Mill Bay at the end of Keir Road.  Please visit the Mill Bay Community Wharf page to find out what this public wharf has to offer.

Mill Bay Community Wharf 2017
 Beach area Swimming Viewpoint lookout

Deloume Park 

Deloume Park, located at 2551 McClaren Road, Mill Bay is a vibrant neighbourhood park located centrally in Mill Springs off McClaren Road. To learn how to get here please view the Deloume Park page.  

Deloume Park facebook.jpg
Group Picnicking Playground areas Multi use court Porta Potty