Cowichan Alert


The CVRD, it's member municipalities and First Nations across the Cowichan region have launched a new emergency notification service, Cowichan Alert. Cowichan Alert is powered by the Alertable mass notification tool, and informs subscribers of major emergencies or disasters in the Cowichan region that may impact you. Signing up for Cowichan Alert is easy and can be done from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. There is no fee to sign up, so download the Alertable app today! In addition to information from your local and governments and First Nations, you may also receive notifications from Environment Canada and Drive BC to keep you up-to-date on extreme weather events and major traffic disruptions. Go here to sign up.

In addition to downloading the Alertable app, residents can sign up through Cowichan Alert to receive emergency notifications by text message, email, or phone call. However, these types of notifications will only relate to life threatening and imminent emergencies, and we encourage residents to download the Alertable app to ensure they receive all relevant information. Cowichan Alert notifications will also be posted on the websites and social media pages of local governments and partner agencies in the Cowichan region. Notifications are fast, reliable, private, and easy to hear, see, and read. Choose the notification option, or combination of options, that is right for you.

By subscribing to receive emergency alerts, users will get more immediate information to protect themselves and their family. Cowichan Alert is used to alert people in an affected area (anywhere is the Cowichan region) of the following types of incidents when they occur or likely to occur imminently:

  • Wildfires (particularly for evacuation alerts and orders)
  • Flooding
  • Hazardous Material release
  • Landslide / post-earthquake hazards
  • Severe weather events (Environment Canada Alerts come through the system, these are usually advisories)
  • Significant road closures/disruptions (Drive BC Alerts come through the system, these are just advisories not life threatening)
  • Boil Water Alerts

You can chose to receive all alerts (advisories and critical-life threatening) or just critical life-threatening alerts (very rare).