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Census data is a valuable tool for land use planning. Understanding the rate and extent of growth and urbanization helps local governments to manage their communities, including planning the location of new housing and infrastructure, as well as improving transportation links, public services and the environment. Census information is also vital to the preparation of Official Community Plans, which are required by the BC Local Government Act .

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Reports and Statistics


Please find below a list of reports associated with Community Planning Projects & Initiatives. 


Regional Harmonized Official Community Plan

Phase 1 Engagement Results 

Development Permit Areas - Technical Reports

Protection of the Natural Environment

Protection of Development from Hazardous Conditions

Protection of Farming

  • DPA 8 - Protection of Farming

Form and Character

  • DPA 9: Intensive Residential Development
  • DPA 10: Multi-family Residential Development
  • DPA 11: Commercial and Mixed-use Development
  • DPA 12: Industrial Development

Energy and Water Conservation; Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

  • DPA 13: Energy and Water Conservation; Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction