CVRD Camping regulations

Camping within the CVRD is only permitted within designated campgrounds such as:

Campgrounds Cowichan lake

Visit  Cowichan Lake Chamber of Commerce website for details.

To camp on a property in the CVRD, the zoning regulations for that property must specify that camping is a permitted use, such as a C4 Tourist Recreational zone. Campers should check prior to their trip that camping is a permitted use in that zone and the land owner is responsible for ensuring correct land use. 

The main issue CVRD encounters is camping in residential zones which only allow storage but not use of RV’s and camping. Other associated issues are:

• Noise
• Garbage and waste disposal
• Fires
• Increased traffic

These factors affect the neighbors living within these residential zones.

Short term vacation rental (less than 30 days) is only permitted in correctly zoned areas. People using sites such as Air B&B to book short term stays should be vigilant that the area chosen is correctly zoned for that use.

CVRD Advises:

Plan ahead, know your campsite and if it’s legal
Check local fire restrictions
Take out what you take in in terms of garbage and waste
Ensure all fires are supervised
Be mindful of neighbors and keep noise to a minimum

For further questions or comments, please contact CVRD Bylaw Enforcement at 250.746.2655 or