Planning Process

Liquid Waste Management Planning in BC follows a 3 stage process:
  1. Stage 1 defines the current problems, forecasts population and development and, develops a long list of potential solutions
  2. Stage 2 evaluates the long list of solutions and identifies a shorter list of solutions to take to Stage 3
  3. Stage 3 focuses on detailed engineering and costs as well as other non-structural solutions for a final long range plan
Stages 2 and 3 of the planning process began in March 2020 and are anticipated to be complete in early 2023. The diagram below shows the anticipated stages of the engagement process and identifies opportunities for you to be involved. The engagement process will run parallel to a technical process. The process and timeline may be updated as the project progresses.

Background reports and outputs for the SCLWMP process can be found here.
Consultation Diagram - Stages 2 and 3