Stage 1 - South Cowichan Liquid Waste Management Plan Report

The Phase 2 - Stage 1 SCLWMP report identifies 14 community sewer system options for further evaluation in Stage 2.

Phase 2 - Stage 1 Report

The Stage 1 Consultation report describes engagement with First Nations, community groups, government agencies and the public.

Phase 2 - Stage 1 Consultation Report

Stage 1 - 2017 South Cowichan Population Projections

The Population Projections report includes an analysis of population growth based on 2016 census data and includes the development of population forecasts based on two growth scenarios.

Population projections report


Appendix A

Appendix B

Water Quality Reports

Groundwater quality assessment for aquifers 197 and 198 (2019)

Water Quality Assessment of Upper Shawnigan Lake Watershed (2010)

Water Quality Objectives Attainment for Shawnigan Lake (2006-2014)

Stage 1 - Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation criteria were developed to assess the ability of community sewer system options to meet objectives for liquid waste management.

Evaluation Criteria

Weighted Evaluation Criteria

Background Documents

1998 South Sector Liquid Waste Management Plan

BC Guidelines for Preparing Liquid Waste Management Plans

2019 South Cowichan Watersheds Characterization