Evaluation Criteria

We use evaluation criteria to understand the extent to which different solutions are expected to meet our objectives. Evaluation criteria allow us to:

  • compare options accurately and consistently
  • expose trade-offs between options
  • generate productive discussion about better options
  • communicate the rationale for and improve the transparency of decisions

The proposed evaluation criteria include:


  • Capital cost
  • Operations & Maintenance cost


  • Technical advantages and disadvantages
  • Technology type
  • Risk consideration
  • Difficulties of construction
  • Phasing suitability and expandability


  • Impacts related to the opportunity and/or requirements for land development
  • Impacts on local residents/businesses
  • Community support
  • Impacts on archaeological and heritage resources
  • Impacts on First Nations cultural and traditional use sites


  • Impact of the existing/proposed infrastructure to the environment
  • Impacts of effluent discharge to the receiving environment

A detailed version of the evaluation criteria is available here.