Living in the Agriculture Land Reserve

The Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) is an independent tribunal dedicated to preserving agricultural land and enabling farming. Farming is encouraged through the Agricultural Land Commission Act and non-agricultural uses are restricted. Land in the ALR is subject to compliance with all other legislation including local government regulation. For more information visit the ALC website.

Information on buying and owning land in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR).

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1. Building Permits
2. Burning and Air Quality
3. Current Water Use Restrictions
4. Dogs
5. Fireworks in the CVRD
6. Garbage, Recycling Totes and Wildlife
7. Illegal Dumping
8. Living in the Agriculture Land Reserve
9. Parks in the CVRD
10. R/V Dwelling and “Tiny House” Use
11. Can I “camp” on my property while I build a house?
12. Road Maintenance and Snow Plowing
13. Soil Depositing
14. Tips for Working it out with Your Neighbours
15. Working in Development Permit Areas
16. Zoning / Land Use