Curbside Collection Overview

CVRD Curbside Program

The Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) collects recycling from single-family properties within all of the Electoral Areas. Garbage services are currently available to households in Electoral Areas D, E, F, G, and I. Garbage collection in Areas A, B, C, and H is not provided by the CVRD, but residents can access a private hauler and subscribe to a garbage collection service.

Curbside Totes

CVRD issued recycling and garbage totes are property of the CVRD and must remain at their assigned address. 

Standard tote sizes are 240L for the blue recycling totes and 140L for the black garbage totes. This is adequate for most homes (note: a 140L tote is roughly equal to two regular garbage cans). 

If you require an additional tote or would like to exchange yours for a different size, see the tote exchange form for more information. Please note that garbage totes larger than the 140L size will be subject to an additional annual service fee to ensure that all users pay their fair cost for garbage disposal.

Collection Schedules

Need a reminder for your scheduled collection day? Type your address into the search bar below to schedule reminders electronically or print out a collection calendar for your convenience.

Tips for a Successful Pickup

Please follow the guidelines listed below to ensure that your totes are collected on your scheduled pickup day.

  • Sort your waste materials correctly
    1. Review the recycling and garbage webpages to learn what belongs in the totes and what must be taken to a Recycling Centre
    2. Use the Cowichan Recyclopedia, or download the Cowichan Recycles app on Google Play or the Apple App Store to find out how to recycle or dispose of a specific item
    3. Make sure that your totes are not over-filled, and that the lid fully closes for safe curbside collection
    4. For curbside recycling, please ensure that materials are kept loose within the tote
  • Place totes out for collection between 5:00 am and 7:30 am on your scheduled collection day
    1. Be bear aware- don’t place your totes out overnight or any other time before your scheduled collection date
  • Space your totes 1 metre apart from each other and surrounding objects
    1. Automated mechanical arms pick up the totes and need a certain amount of clearance to work effectively. Place all totes at least one metre (three feet) apart from each other and surrounding objects such as vehicles, poles, and utility boxes
    2. Ensure that there is a three metre (ten feet) clearance from overhanging obstacles
  • Point the tote lid to open toward the street
    1. Ensure that the arrows on the lid point towards the street
  • Avoid obstructing sidewalks with your totes
    1. Totes should be placed as close to the roadway as possible, without becoming a hazard by blocking sidewalks, cycling lanes, or roadways
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