Zero Waste Event Booking

The CVRD offers free or low-cost rental of zero waste stations  for local events to encourage recycling and waste reduction. Each Zero Waste station consists of four totes: one for composting, one for refundables, one for recyclables and one for garbage. Up to four Zero Waste stations can be booked for events. Each Zero Waste station comes with tote signage.

The CVRD offers delivery and pick up of one Zero Waste station per organization per year free of charge. Additional charges will apply for the delivery and pick up of more than one Zero Waste station. Organizations hauling their own totes can book as many Zero Waste stations as needed free of charge. Note that tipping fees for collected material are waived when booking a Zero Waste event. 
A deposit fee of $200 is collected prior to tote rental and the deposit is refunded upon return of clean empty totes. Organizations hauling their own Zero Waste totes are also responsible for emptying and cleaning the totes. 

Contact us:

Recycling Hotline 250.746.2540

Toll free 1.800.665.3955