Waste Management Education


The first step towards waste reduction is to reduce how much “stuff” is produced and consumed. This may seem obvious, but reducing the amount of “stuff” ensures that there will be less to be recycled or thrown away. The Story of Stuff explains the importance of this in the video below.

Buy Less

Thinking twice before buying something is a key strategy to the waste reduction tactic. This can relate to all areas of consumption including clothing, gadgets, and electronics, but the CVRD’s Solid Waste Management Plan identified that food waste is a significant component found in garbage destined for the landfill. 

The #1 tip for reducing food waste is to plan meals in advance and only buy what you need. For more tips, including keeping food fresh and out of the landfill, visit Love Food Hate Waste

Want to participate in reducing food waste locally? Learn more from reFRESH Cowichan

Purchase Multipurpose Items

Another way to reduce waste is to buy or repurpose items so that they serve more than one use

  • This can be as simple as buying something with the intent of it serving multiple uses, such as a toaster oven which can reheat leftovers, and toast sandwiches and bread. 
  • Find another use for something you already have at home, such as using glass jars as plant pots or bulk food storage.

These ideas will help reduce the need to buy new items that serve the same purpose as something you already have.