Waste Management Education


Reusing and repairing items is the second most important step toward waste reduction, as it avoids the energy-intensive reprocessing that is required for recycling while reducing the need for new materials.

Reusing Within the Community

For local reuse alternatives, consider joining your local Buy Nothing Group or start your own as a way of lending, sharing, or giving away household items to your neighbours. 

For more specific items, visit your local public library, Little Free Library, Tool Library, or Seed Sharing Library. Why buy something you won’t use every day (e.g. gardening tools) when you could borrow it instead? If there are none of these groups in your community, consider starting your own to help your community minimize waste and start sharing existing materials and resources.

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore located in the City of Duncan has increased the local capacity for the reuse of building materials such as windows, doors, and paint. By donating and purchasing items at the ReStore, you help raise funds for families and promote affordable home-building projects.

For further reuse opportunities, visit your local thrift store to donate clean and gently used items.