2023 Budget

The 2023 Budget was adopted at the March 8, 2023 Board meeting and is based on the 2023 Completed Assessment Roll. 

The Regional District Budget is comprised of 177 separate services (137 General and 40 Water & Sewer). The Local Government Act requires Regional Districts to keep separate records for each service, and each service must balance.

2023 Annual Budget Index

Schedule AAnalysis of Changes in Tax Requisition198GM Strategic Services
Schedule BEffect of Requisition Changes199 GM Community Services/Facilities
Schedule CHistorical Requisition By Jurisdiction200Administration Office
Schedule DJurisdiction Breakdown205Emergency Planning
Schedule EAverage Home Tax Impact231Community Parks – Area A
Schedule FDebenture and Short Term Debt232Community Parks – Area B
Schedule GSummary of Reserve Fund Balances233Community Parks – Area C
Schedule HHistorical Assessment By Jurisdiction234Community Parks – Area D
Schedule IRequisition Breakdown235  Community Parks – Area E
Schedule J General Budget Information236  Community Parks – Area F
Schedule KHistorical Parcel Taxes - Utility Systems237Community Parks – Area G
Schedule LHistorical User Fees - Utility Systems238Community Parks – Area H

239 Community Parks – Area I 
100Legislative – General250Electoral Area Services
101Community Health Network279Parks & Trails
102 Vancouver Island Regional Library280Regional Parks
106Commuter Transit281Bright Angel Park
107Transit282South Cowichan Community Parks
Emergency 9-1-1283Kinsol Trestle
111Grant In Aid – Area A285Regional Parkland Acquisition
Grant In Aid – Area B310Animal Control
Grant In Aid – Area C320Building Inspection
114Grant In Aid – Area D325Community Planning
115Grant In Aid – Area E328 Bylaw Enforcement
116Grant In Aid – Area F350Fire Protection – North Oyster
Grant In Aid – Area G351Fire Protection – Mesachie Lake
118Grant In Aid – Area I352Fire Protection – Cowichan Lake
Economic Development353 Fire Protection – Saltair
123Regional Tourism Services354Fire Protection – Sahtlam
Electoral Feasibility Studies355Fire Protection – Malahat
131Environmental Initiatives356Fire Protection – Eagle Heights
150Municipalities – M.F.A. Debt357 Fire Protection – Honeymoon Bay
197GM Land Use Services358 Fire Protection – Youbou
Regional Recreation

400Arts & Culture461 Cowichan Aquatic Centre - Area E 
405Cowichan Lake Recreation463Cowichan Wooden Boat Society
411 Kerry Park Recreation464Recreation – SLCC
417KPRC - Aquatic Service465Cobble Hill Hist. Society
420CCC - Events & Services466Recreation – Cobble Hill Community
423CCC – Arena467Shawnigan Lake Hist. Society
426Cowichan Performing Arts Centre469Cowichan Station Assoc. - Area E
427CCC – Library470Rec. – Frank Jameson Community Hall
435Theatre – Area A472Senior Centre Grant
436Theatre – Area B474 Kaatza Historical Society
437Theatre – Area C475Mill Bay/Malahat Hist. Society
438Theatre – North Cowichan478Cowichan Station Assoc. - Area B
439Theatre – Ladysmith480Cowichan Aquatic Centre - Area F
440Cowichan Sportsplex - Area A481Cowichan Aquatic Centre - Area I
442Cowichan Sportsplex - Area C488Shawnigan Basin Society
443Cowichan Sportsplex - Area D489Nature & Habitat - Area I
444Cowichan Sportsplex - Area E490 Thetis Island Wharf
450 Recreation – Mill Bay491 Thetis Island Boat Launch
451Recreation – Glenora492Cowichan Lake Water Protection
456Recreation - Saltair493 Safer Futures
457Victim Services – West494 Social Planning
458Lake Cowichan Activity Centre495 South Cowichan Community Policing
459Victim Services Program496 Cowichan Community Policing
460Recreation – North Oyster497Cowichan Valley Hospice
  498 Cowichan Housing Association

510Thetis Island Solid Waste & Recycling601Satellite Park Water
515Curbside Garbage & Recycling603Douglas Hill Water
520 Solid Waste Management Complex604Lambourn Water
530Cowichan Flood Management605Arbutus Mountain Water
531 South Cowichan Water Study606Malahat Water
532 Drinking Water & Watershed Protection 608 Fern Ridge Water
535 Liquid Waste Management Plan Central Sector611Bald Mountain Water 
540Liquid Waste Management Plan South Sector613Dogwood Ridge Water
550Street Lighting – Mesachie Lake615Arbutus Ridge Water
551  Street Lighting – Youbou616Carlton Water
552  Street Lighting – Brentwood College617Shellwood Water
553  Street Lighting – Cowichan Bay618Woodley Range Water
554  Street Lighting – Honeymoon Bay619Burnum Water
555  Street Lighting – Mill Bay620Mesachie Lake Water
556  Street Lighting – Cobble Hill640Saltair Water
557  Critical Street Lighting – Area A652Central Youbou Water Debt
558  Critical Street Lighting – Area B 653Youbou Water
559  Critical Street Lighting – Area C660Honeymoon Bay Water
560  Critical Street Lighting – Area D661Honeymoon Bay Water Debt 
561  Critical Street Lighting – Area E662Honeymoon Bay Water (Well 2) Debt
565Critical Street Lighting – Area I670Cherry Point Estates Water
571Asset Management680Shawnigan Lake North Water
575Engineering Services - Administration681Shawnigan Lake Weir
576Engineering Services - Utilities690Kerry Village Water 
580Wilmot Road Street Lighting

581Sentinel Ridge Street Lighting 
583Twin Cedars Street Lighting   
585Arbutus Mountain Estates Lighting  
586Mill Springs Street Lighting  

701Wilmot Road Drainage800Cowichan Bay Sewer
702Sentinel Ridge Drainage801Brulette Sewer
703Shawnigan Lake East Drainage802Sentinel Ridge Sewer
705Arbutus Mountain Estates Drainage 804Lambourn Sewer
707Lanes Road Drainage  805Arbutus Mountain Sewer
711Bald Mountain Drainage806Malahat Sewer
714Cobble Hill Drainage    810Mesachie Lake Sewer
715Arbutus Ridge Drainage 811Bald Mountain Sewer
799Shawnigan Creek Cleanout System812Cobble Hill Village Sewer

813Mill Springs Sewer

815Arbutus Ridge Sewer

820Eagle Heights Sewer
  830Maple Hills Sewer
  840Shawnigan Beach Estates Sewer
  850Kerry Village Sewer
  860Youbou Sewer